Day 1: Unite 2014

Unite2014 Keynote

Unite kicked off with the Keynote by our very own Unity CEO David Helgason, the keynote this year was amazing and delivered extremely well by all our speakers involved. If you missed it, catch up here.

Announcements and Highlights:

Our bug database is pretty much public here – you can vote on the bugs that you find most annoying, effectively telling us that we need to fix it now. We do weekly patch releases which include these bug fixes voted by you. Patch releases are shipped on our Forums. As of today we’ve done 15 weekly patch releases with 223 bug fixes so far, many more to come.

Unity 4.6 – apparently a new UI system in Unity has been requested once or twice, so, after many times trying to develop the right system we have finally achieved this (we hope) and we’ve made it available as an open beta, now..go grab that open beta build – you know you want to.

Here’s a list of more juicy announcements and highlights:

  • 2011 Unity had 128k active monthly users, 2014: 639k
  • 47% mobile developers use Unity
  • 500 million desktop Unity game installs
  • 8.7 billion Unity mobile app installs
  • Develop for Smart TV’s with Google and Samsung
  • Roughly 90% of Oculus content made with Unity
  • Estimated $1.4 billion of cost saved per year with the AssetStore
  • Unity UI will also be shipped as Open Source
  • New Default Scene – Physically Based Shader – realtime GI – Reflection Probes – Light Probes – IBL
  • WebGL add-on will be free to develop and deploy too
  • Lucas showcased the really really early build of Director feature without a crash
  • Unity 5 entered beta internally this week
  • From today we aim to ship a Unity 5 beta to pre-order customers in 4-8 weeks time
  • Speedtree – import native Speedtree files – get access to Speedtree Unity modeller for $19 a month
  • Unity acquires Tsugi – Now Unity Austin
  • Unity Cloud now in Open Beta
  • Unity Ads have paid out over $20 million to developers. Let’s make it $100 million next year!
  • Checkout the new “What is Unity” page
  • x86 Intel chipset support
  • David Helgason taking the Ice Bucket challenge 🙂

Some random snaps for your viewing pleasure:

Bring on Day 2.

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