On My Twelfth Year Of Unity…

Twelve years seems super surreal, this is a third of my life spent working for one company.

It doesn’t feel like one company though, as so much change and evolution has happened, which makes for some fond memories over the years. It is certainly fun to look back and reminisce about different phases.

Times when I have been in a different role and team which can be summarised as:

  • R&D QA
  • Solution Engineering in Business Development
  • Core Unity Engineering with Multiplayer

In all three phases I am experiencing so many emotions, ups and downs, but, predominantly, I look back with joy and that is something to savour for the future.

I think my key takeaways is how I have grown as an individual, maturing as an adult, learning so much about software development and the business side is a privilege. And not to mention, the impact that Unity as a tool has had on the world, something I find truly humbling to play a small part in.

Talking of feeling humble, let’s see some pictures of some of our early offices in the U.K.

This office is in a converted convent based in Three Bridges, U.K. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary on the end wall of the building. Some of the offices are small and are meant to be where the nuns slept. Also, I look so young there, I am wearing the white striped hoody and smiling awkwardly.

And here is a very early picture of Unity’s first office space in the city of Brighton, U.K. Kettle’s and Microwaves were really hard to come by. I think we have a toaster there as well.

Nowadays Unity has a much bigger office in the heart of Brighton, and we have hired nearly 100 people in 2021 alone taking us up to over 300 plus I suspect. Every new day at Unity I seem to break my record of working for a large company.

Anyway, this is just a short post to share that today is my twelfth year work anniversary at Unity.