The Work/Life Balance Challenge

Have you ever worked considerably more hours in a week than you are paid to do so, assuming that working 60+ hours a week will benefit you and your career?

I am convinced I am not alone on this one. I once thought to further my career, to progress, I need to work insane hours. It is not correct to have this mentality.

With age comes, wisdom. I struggled with a work/life balance in my younger years. Work almost becomes your entire life, very consuming and you almost forget or not focus enough of your time or energy on other areas of your life.

Other hobbies, friends, family, whatever it may be, we start to lose touch with it all, you are present but not present, work is always on your mind.

It is not sustainable; you will burn out if the work and life are not balanced.

Having a well-rounded life, including a healthy balance with work, will help you progress professionally and personally as a human being.

Work and life are two areas in which we grow, and actually, what we learn at work helps in life scenarios, and what we learn in life scenarios help us at work. If all you focus on is work, how do you expect to develop other parts of your life?

Relationships are a huge part of our lives, friendships, partners, family. Being the best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife helps you grow as a human being. Maturity, adulthood, being a Father or a Mother, significant moments which require us to adapt and learn to be responsible. These learnings and dealing with adversity help you develop, such learnings you can bring with you into the workplace.

If you don’t focus on developing other parts of your life, your career will suffer. It will stagnate, some develop a fear of change, you lose sight of other opportunities or new careers. This is no progression.

Taking up new hobbies, learning something new. Go travelling, learn language and culture. Try fresh foods, bake, cooking. Take up a sport. Arts and crafts. Play video games.

I see these not just as fun things to do, but also ways to develop. Remember, work is not your only method in life to develop as a human being. Invest in other parts of life. You will find it most fulfilling, and you’ll be much happier for it.